About us

Who We Are

Our instituition Hildegard von Bingen Association, started working on the late seventies. Founded by a complex group seriusly engaged with art, culture, wildlife, protection and help to citizens of our society,need help with my essay in valencia.

Ist main concerning are charity, direct help to those who need it and active support to college level debate topics philantropic and ecologic projects.

All actions are carried out by voluntary people.

NIF: G98524531
Register number: 603356


I have helped them and they have helped me always!
I am very grateful!


We adopted a couple of older dogs, years ago, 6 years had many and 8 years
noe. It’s so gratefull the company and happynessthey give to us!
Adopt a pet, never buy it!

Adopter refuge abbess of bingen

I love animals, i always have someone!! Dogs, cats..that is why i started
as a volunteer, offering my home like a shelter to help animals!
It’s a personal reward!!

Shelter of refuge abbess of bingen

What We Can Do

In 2018 we distributed more than 425 seedlings, mainly walnut
In the last year we have helped a lot of persons who were in different situations of help
In 2018 more than 400 animals have been cared for, and helped to find a suitable place for them